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Our company does:

- crushing-grinding equipment of all kinds, repairment of  mechanical units and production of repair parts including crushers KMD, KSD;

- rotary and conveyor complexes - production of rollers, drums, sections, homing stations, roller carriages;

-  repairment of  mechanical units and production of repair parts for excavators of all types;

-  repairment of  mechanical units and production of repair parts for elevators;

-  assembling and welding of buckets of clam-shells, frames, trusses, crane girders, reduction gear cases, production of roller and rail disks of diameter 9200 mm and so on from rail OP-43 for walking excavators;

- production and repairment of metal constructions of different types;

- production of forgings and punchings on hammers from 0.5 ton to 5 ton;

- production of forgings on hydraulic press PB 1330 with force 800 ton.;

- production of different details of weight up to 60 ton on upsetting machine GKM-1200;

   We can send at your address the full nomenclature in case of your interest.
    Corporation "Ordzhonikidze Rudoremontny Works" invites you to consider the opportunities of cooperation, having joined our potential and our mnufacturing forces of our works like on the market of Ukraine like abroad and your manufacturing and commercial capabilities.
   Ordzhonikidze Rudoremontny Works preforms orders to produce units and details according to the attached features. We are ready to consider individual orders to produce articles.
   The design office of our works is ready to render technical assistance to produce metal constructions, which are necessary for the customer.

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